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In the meantime, here are a few facts we should take into account when considering if babies (even website babies, haha) should pick their own due dates with spontaneous labor or if we should help things along with inductions, natural or otherwise.
  • A baby’s brain at 35 weeks gestation weighs only two-thirds what it would at 40 weeks.
  • The lungs are one of the last organs that mature in a baby’s body. Babies born at 37 weeks are three times as likely to experience respiratory issues as those born between 39 and 40 weeks.
  • Depending on how you want your birth to go, induction might not be the best option for you. First time moms undergoing induction are twice as likely to end in a c-section. Data shows that the best way to avoid a cesarean is to wait for spontaneous labor to occur. If spontaneous labor does not occur at 41-42 weeks, the risk for c-section increases again, even with induction. (
  • 1/4 of babies born via elective induction between 37 and 39 weeks will be admitted to the NICU compared with 1/20 of babies born after 39 weeks.
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